Town of Rumney New Hampshire

Rumney Planning Board

Planning Board
Brad Eaton — Chairman — (2021)
Brian Flynn — (2021)
Judi Hall — Secretary/Clerk — (2022)
Donald Winsor — (2022)
Armand Girouard — Vice Chairman — (2023)
David Cook (2023)
Isaac DeWever — Selectmen’s Liaison

Contact Information
PO Box 220
Rumney, NH 03266
Phone: (603) 786-9515
Fax: (603) 786-9511
Or visit us at 79 Depot Street

Planning Board Meetings:
Last Tuesday of the month at 7:00PM

Planning Board Office Hours:
Monday 3:00PM - 5:00PM or by Appointment

For information or to be placed on the agenda, please call:

November Planning Board Meeting
NOTE: In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and pursuant to Emergency Order #23/Executive Order 2020-04 "Temporary modification of municipal and local government statutory requirements", this meeting will be limited in scope and be conducted via Zoom with no physical presence allowed.

The Public Hearing to approve or disapprove an Excavation Permit for Central NH Aggregates at their Rt 25 location will be continued to the November 24, 2020 meeting by their request.

Public Notice

CNHS maps

The general public may access the meeting by sending an email to
for the login information.

Planning Board Survey
The Rumney Planning Board is exploring how we, as a community, can guide our future while maintaing our rural character. Look for a postcard with information the week of November 9. Please help us by completing our survey. You can find it online at:
Please contact the Planning Board for assistance when considering
  • Adding a dwelling unit to a lot that already has a dwelling unit on it; including the addition of a mobile home, the creation of an apartment or renting out an apartment formerly allowed for a family member only.
  • Dividing a lot into separate building sites or properties for future conveyance, for example, for a subdivision.
  • Constructing a new driveway of any sort, relocating an existing driveway on a town road or making any changes to an exisiting driveway.
  • Removing earth materials from a site for commercial purposes, i.e. an excavation.
  • Locating or creating a new mobile home park within the town.
  • Construction activities including, but not limited to, septic systems, wetlands, along streams, rivers, ponds and lakes, close proximity to adjoining property, flood zones, commercial development, Class VI (6) roads. While some aspects are regulated by State of NH or possibly Federal law, the Planning Board can offer advice and guidance and to help avoid future problems or violations.

New Hampshire municipalities are required by NH RSA 674:39-aa to notify residents that involuntarily merged lots may be restored to premerger status upon the owner's request.

If the Town of Rumney has merged contiguous lots for the purpose of assessment, taxation, or mapping without the proper authority of the owners, those owners have until December 31, 2016 to notify the Selectmen of the fact, whereupon the Selectmen shall restore the properties to their premerger status.

This notice will remain posted at the town office and on the town’s website until December 31, 2021. This notice will also be published in each Town Report through 2020.

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