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Notice is hereby given in accordance with RSA 676:4 & 675:7 that an application for Subdivision by Kevin French on behalf of SAAMCO Properties regarding their property on Old Route 25 and Halls Brook Road, Rumney, NH  03266, Tax Map #12-12-10 will be submitted to the Planning Board at 7:20 pm on Tuesday July 26, 2022 at the Rumney Town Hall during a regular meeting of the Board.  Upon a finding by the Board that the application meets the submission requirements of the Town of Rumney Subdivision Regulations the Board will vote whether to accept the application as complete. Interest holders may be heard upon request per RSA 676:4, (e)(1). The Board will then vote to approve or disapprove the request at a Public Hearing on August 30, 2022.  Should a decision not be reached at the Public Meeting, this application will stay on the Planning Board agenda until such time as it is either approved or disapproved. Anyone needing assistance to attend this meeting should contact the Selectmen’s Office one week prior to the scheduled date.

Per order of the Rumney Planning Board

Judi Hall, Clerk

Concerned parties, abutters and the general public may access the meeting and be able to participate in the public hearings via Zoom by sending an email to

Board Members

Name Title
Brad Eaton (2024)
Armand Girouard Chair (2023)
Judi Hall Secretary / Clerk (2025)
Brian Flynn Vice Chair (2024)
Donald Winsor (2025)
Joshua Keyes (2023)
John Dow Appointed Alternate (2024)