Permits / Inspections

Contact the Fire Department for permits or inspection for the following:

  • Blasting in Rumney - permit required
  • Commercial tent usage - inspection required. The State of New Hampshire requires all tents being used for wedding, parties, concerts/shows and other gatherings be inspected by the local Fire Department. Click here for additional information.
  • Fireworks displays - some require permits and/or license to display. Review Fireworks Safety Guidelines
  • Gas and Oil installations/replacements - requires permits. Installation of all heating systems (wood, oil, coal, gas) need to be permitted and inspected whether new or replacement units. Replacement of gas tanks and/or oil tanks require a permit and inspection. Unvented gas heaters are NOT permitted in Rumney. ( See attachment below)
  • All seasonal contained camp fires and per day brush piles require permits. Campfire permits can also be obtained on-line at NH Fire Permits. For Burn Permits call:
    • Evan Hacker, Fire Chief - 603-236-9055
    • Frank Simpson — 603-786-3695
    • Jim McCart — 603-786-2285
    • Eric Anderson — 603-786-2228
    • Cathy Hacker - 603-786-9924